Siġġiewi Band Club Bans Village Feast Balloons To Send Out A Strong Message
siggiewi band club bans village feast balloons to send out a strong message - Siġġiewi Band Club Bans Village Feast Balloons To Send Out A Strong Message

The St Nicholas band club in Siġġiewi has announced it won’t release plastic balloons during this week’s village feast to send out a signal in favour of environmental protection.   

“As was the case in the past, we won’t be releasing balloons during our march this year for the sake of our surrounding environment,” the band club said in a statement.

It added that, while balloons will still be tied down to the wagons used in the march, these will be biodegradable.

Siġġiewi becomes the second village to take proactive pro-environment messages in recent days after the San Ġorġ village feast committee in Qormi confirmed it had replaced balloons with commemorative flags.

Malta Clean-Up activist Cami Appelgren urged other band clubs to ban plastic balloons, including biodegradable ones, which she warned end up in landfills too.

“I urge all band clubs to push themselves to constantly move towards more environmental friendly practices,” she said. “Our feasts are amazing and big part of our culture.”

“I am 100% sure that the waste may be decreased with simple solutions and ideas! We just have to work together and have an open mind and understand why we do this. Keep up the good work with no balloon releases.”

Cover photo: Każin Banda San Nikola Siġġiewi A.D 1883 

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