Signs Of September? Clouds And Stronger Winds Are Heading To Malta This Week
signs of september clouds and stronger winds are heading to malta this week - Signs Of September? Clouds And Stronger Winds Are Heading To Malta This Week

Sure, this week in Malta is still going to be pretty hot, but if you’ve been looking for some cloud cover and moderately strong breezes from the north, you’re in luck.

Today has kicked off with a not-so-rare, mainly sunny day that’s classic end-of-August weather. Highs that will feel like 34°C will be undercut by northwesterly winds of Force 4, with the UV index reflecting all this as the sun’s glare marginally drops to 9.

As the week progresses, though, partly cloudy days will see temperatures gravitate around 32°C, winds blowing as much as Force 5 at times, and the UV Index never making it to double digits.

Of course, it’s still set to be a warm week, but with tomorrow’s northwesterly gusts of Force 5 (that could die down by Wednesday but partially resurface the following day), some midweek summer nights might be fresher than what we’d gotten used to lately. In fact, evenings’ lows are always set to be slightly less than mid-20s.

“Temperatures are finally expected to cool down across Malta and Gozo from this week and reach average values by early next week as moderate to strong northwesterly winds blow across the central Mediterranean,” Malta Weather said in Facebook page last night, echoing the official sentiment and quoting a “medium / moderate” confidence in its forecast.

Don’t hold your breath for too long though; by Friday, the temperature is set to feel as hot at 35°C again as the wind dies down to Force 2 and goes back south.

So while we could have a slightly fresher week on our hands, it looks like you’re going to have to wait a bit longer if you’re looking for some decent autumn weather. Boil on, August!

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