Silvio Parnis Says He Refused Prime Minister’s Offer Of A Secretariat
silvio parnis says he refused prime ministers offer of a secretariat - Silvio Parnis Says He Refused Prime Minister’s Offer Of A Secretariat

Labour MP and former parliamentary secretary for active ageing Silvio Parnis said that he refused Prime Minister Robert Abela’s offer of a secretariat after he lost his post during last year’s cabinet reshuffle.

During today’s parliamentary sitting, Parnis insisted that he had a good relationship with Abela and that it was his choice not to form part of the Cabinet.

Shortly after losing his portfolio last November, Parnis had expressed his sadness and anger, saying Abela “hurt me, my family, my friends and those around me.”

In his role as parliamentary secretary, Parnis had faced ample criticism for his handling of the COVID-19 crisis at elderly care homes. The Nationalist Party had even called for his resignation.

Today, Parnis said that he too was a victim of the pandemic because of the criticism he faced when he occupied his role. The Labour MP went on to say that PN leader Bernard Grech had lied about him.

Back in October, Grech had made calls for Parnis’ resignation after the latter stated that no Maltese person had died from COVID-19 alone. At the time, Malta’s virus death toll stood at 41.

Parnis said that he will now devote more time to God and campaigning against abortion.

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