Singles In September: Check Out The Latest Tracks Released By Maltese Artists Over The Past Few Weeks
singles in september check out the latest tracks released by maltese artists over the past few weeks - Singles In September: Check Out The Latest Tracks Released By Maltese Artists Over The Past Few Weeks

With the Lovin Music Awards around the corner, these musical acts are making a strong case for an award. With only four days left to nominate, it might be worth checking out some of the latest releases by Maltese artist and, if you like them, then head over to our website and nominate them!

From doom metal to contemporary jazz, here are all the latest tracks from local artists.

1. Blue Tangerine – April

Franco- Maltese jazz act Blue Tangerine have released their first music video for one of their debut album tracks, April.

Riding off the wave of success of their international album concert tour last month, Blue Tangerine have capitalised on the momentum they’ve gathered and have decided to release a music video for one of their more melancholic and sweeter tunes, April.

The song is six minutes and twenty-four seconds of harmonious bliss with a tasteful blend of vocal and instrumental passages weaving in and out of each other. A tribute to the more subtle side of jazz, April is definitely a nod to the quite seasons and despite its name, is definitely something that belongs on your Autumn playlist.

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2. Eddie Fresco – INCOGNITO

Eddie Fresco’s highly anticipated project INCOGNITO dropped this weekend along with a crazy album launch party featuring some big international and local acts.

INCOGNITO is the second full length released by the Maltese rapper and is definitely a step forward in Fresco’s musical career. The 12 track album suggests that Fresco has kept himself busy and has ventured deeper into his musical library and repertoire.

What’s more impressive are the features on the album which range from Italian artist Yung Belial to American rapper Wifisfuneral who each bring their own flavour to Eddie’s work.

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3. Kill The Action – Anti-Gravity

Electro rock band ‘Kill The Action’ have released the title track off their upcoming album, Ant-Gravity, along with a music video and it’s pretty damn cool.

Anti-Gravity is an energy-driven, backbeat boomin tune with a retro dance vibe that makes you want to dance and mosh at the same time.

“We were after a protagonist who could embody the vibe and attitude which our music portrays – and who better than Leona (from ĠENN)? Simply put, the video is all about the track’s vibe and energy,” Kill The Action said in an interview with Trackage Scheme.

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4. Gabriella – Enough ft. JogyBo

Gabriella’s latest track is all about keeping your head up high and putting your foot down when enough is enough.

But we haven’t had enough of this song and can’t wait to see what else is in store when she releases her EP ‘Disclosed’ on September 16th!

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5. Lucy’s Last – Luck

Lucy’s Last latest music video is perhaps the edgiest and most visually stimulating video we’ve seen by a Maltese artist all year.

The synth-driven track is the latest to be released by the four-piece and the song’s punchy chorus and repetitive lyrics make for an addictive listen.

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6. HOOLI – Dak Iz-Zmien

Maltese rap is a thing and it’s actually pretty good. Hooli’s latest release is a feel-good track about living every day to its fullest.

The song pays tribute to every Maltese person’s childhood experiences including playing football on the streets, riding around on your BMX and going to Paceville.

The music video also has those nostalgic elements, with some scenes shot in an old-school Maltese bus.

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7. Pilgrimage – Voyage To The End Of Time

Doom-Death Metal band Pilgrimage have just released their first track from their upcoming album and it’s as doomy as it can get.

Voyage to the end of time takes you on a journey that starts off with doom metal and ends with death, transitioning from slow, chuggy riffs to fast double bass as you’re transported through time and space to the edge of the mighty black eternal…

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