So, Is A Storm Actually Coming To Malta? Here’s The Weather Forecast For September’s First Week
so is a storm actually coming to malta heres the weather forecast for septembers first week - So, Is A Storm Actually Coming To Malta? Here’s The Weather Forecast For September’s First Week

Hot, dry weather has characterised much of Malta’s 2020, and not even the traditionally wet għarajjex ta’ Santa Marija could put a dent in this summer’s brutal run. But could it all finally be coming to an end?

Late last week, word went round that Malta could be getting its first, possibly severe storm sooner than we think…. this week. Now, with the day fast approaching and more forecasts weighing in, here’s what we know so far.

Today and tomorrow are most likely going to be textbook Maltese summer days. This morning is already off to a sunny and warm start, and it’s only set to get more intense, with highs soon feeling as hot as 35°C. Tomorrow won’t be much cooler either, with highs that feel like 33°C and a typically high UV Index of 9. But as moderately strong northwesterly winds of Force 5 arrive, so might a shift in weather.

Wednesday is expected to bring a whole lot of clouds to the Maltese Islands, and while the temperature might not drop significantly, it could be a sign of things to come elsewhere… which is where Thursday comes in.

Most weather forecasts seem to be in agreement that Thursday is when Malta finally gets to see some rain, and depending on who you believe, we could get a bit more than that. 

Malta International Airport’s official forecasting page is showing a near-definite arrival of showers on Thursday, although be warned; the temperature will still feel as hot as 32°C.

Meanwhile, a cloudy Friday will drop the UV Index down to 8, a number we haven’t seen in a long time, ahead of a very confused weekend that could see more rain… but also higher temperatures and even more sun by the end of it all.

Elsewhere in Malta’s forecasting landscape, other weather models are suggesting this week’s rainfall could even get thundery.

Taking to Facebook in a late-weekend post, popular local forecasting page Malta Weather laid down the deets to what could very well be one of the island’s first teasers of a stormy autumn.

“Various weather models are in agreement about the chance of rain showers that may be thundery at times across Malta and Gozo this coming Wednesday and/or Thursday as an upper level trough moves across the central Mediterranean,” the page explained, doubling down on its previous post last week and quoting a higher forecast confidence of 65% this time.

And while we probably won’t get flooding and hours-long thunderstorms that drop the temperatures down to even remotely fresh levels, here’s hoping the first week of September is a sign of more change to come Malta’s way soon enough.

Would you like for it to rain this week? Let us know in the comments and tag someone who’s definitely tired of summer now

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