STEM Subjects And Career Choices In Malta: Here’s All You Need To Know

Technological advancements have not only made information extremely accessible, but have also made it easier than ever for it to spread like wildfire.

Whilst this landscape has paved the way for individuals all around the world to further their studies, it has never been more important to nurture a well-rounded education.

Simply put, it’s no longer enough to just be book smart.

In light of this, a set of subjects called STEM is being seen in a completely new light thanks to ITS’ capacity to hone lifelong skills within those who study them – and you’ll soon see why.

But before we jump into what makes STEM education so important, here’s what this word really means.

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics – so it’s basically an umbrella term for all the subjects that in some way or another, fall under those themes.

stem subjects and career choices in malta heres all you need to know - STEM Subjects And Career Choices In Malta: Here’s All You Need To Know

Having said that, STEM education doesn’t just seek to prepare students for further studies in said fields, rather it looks to nurture vital lifelong skills such as critical thinking, logical reasoning, and collaboration skills.

Now we know what you might be thinking as soon as you hear the words ‘mathematics’ and ‘science’…

‘Why would I sign up for something so difficult?!’

Well – let’s be honest, every subject out there has got its ups and downs. Unfortunately however, STEM subjects have become unfairly regarded as ‘impossibly difficult’ subjects, and that surely isn’t the case.

Like pretty much any other field of learning, STEM education works best when it is introduced to students at a young age, rather than suddenly imposed on them at a later stage.

Skills in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics are gradually becoming vital constituents of a child’s knowledge bank. For that reason, you can consider STEM education as an investment for your and your country’s future.

stem subjects and career choices in malta heres all you need to know 1 - STEM Subjects And Career Choices In Malta: Here’s All You Need To Know

Scientific education can no longer be simply considered as a stepping stone for a career in science or engineering – rather, it is a holistic instrument to ensure you grow into a well-informed and socially-aware citizen.

After all, you can only make informed decisions on certain societal issues if you’ve got the proper scientific background.

So rather than seeing STEM subjects as a ‘burden’, think of them as an important addition to your knowledge base. You never know – some factual information might help you win that next big argument with your parents (or teacher, if you try hard enough).

Now let’s talk about how STEM can benefit your pocket and your future.

If you’ve voiced your desire to further your studies in any STEM-related fields around some of your older relatives, then you’re probably familiar with phrases like “that’s cute, what’s your real job going to be though?”

Whilst that statement might have been relevant 50 years ago, rest assured that STEM-related careers are aplenty nowadays.

A STEM education will get you geared and ready for a whole variety of different jobs, so many that we couldn’t possibly list them all in this article. To give you a taste though, from video game designers and statisticians to business analysts and astronomers – they’re all STEM-related.

So next time some know-it-all makes a snarky comment about your chosen career path, whip out this article and teach them a lesson.

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