Sun And Sunflower: ADPD’s New Logo Is A Shout-Out To Green Parties Throughout Europe
sun and sunflower adpds new logo is a shout out to green parties throughout europe - Sun And Sunflower: ADPD’s New Logo Is A Shout-Out To Green Parties Throughout Europe

ADPD, a coalition of two of Malta’s largest third parties, is clearly placing green issues first if its new logo is anything to go on.

The logo, inspired by a stylised sunflower, represents both Alternattiva Demokrattika and Partit Demokratiku – the two former parties forming the coalition – and their key priority of safeguarding Malta’s environment in the modern age.

“The identity… joins together the colours green, orange, and yellow, associated with AD and PD prior to the merging of the parties into one, Green and progressive party,” the new party said alongside the logo. “The circle recalls the sun, which together with the sunflower is a longstanding symbol of Green and Ecologist parties in Europe.”

AD and PD joined forced in August with an express aim to address a “national climate of division and fragmentation”.

Since its formation, it has raised awareness on issues relating to workers rights, the environment and good governance.

Now that it has a new, apt, logo, the next few months could be crucial for the coalition if it intends to make any inroads in the next general election.

AD’s best performance was obtaining 1.8% of the vote in the 2013 general election. PD has fared far better, electing two Members of Parliament in the 2017 election on the PN ticket, the first time anyone was elected that was not part of a major party since Malta’s Independence.

Either way, expect to see these new colours in future elections.

What do you think of ADPD’s new logo?

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