‘The goal of the law is to bring peace’; Archbishop inaugurates new forensic year

The law has one goal and that is to bring peace, said Archbishop Charles J. Scicluna during the inaugural mass for the new Forensic Year this morning.

1 October marks the start of a new Forensic Year; the day where the work of the courts officially starts.

An inaugural mass, celebrated by Archbishop Scicluna, was held on Thursday morning to commemorate this day. Numerous legal officials and lawyers attended, including Justice Minister Edward Zammit Lewis, newly appointed Attorney General Victoria Buttigieg and Opposition leader Adrian Delia. His excellency George Vella was also present.


the goal of the law is to bring peace archbishop inaugurates new forensic year - ‘The goal of the law is to bring peace’; Archbishop inaugurates new forensic year

“God is sending you among the people who are like his sheep and have no protection, but He knows that the environment can be hostile. Thus, God gives us methods of survival to tackle this environment, that is, people who are pure and wise,” Sciluna said during his homily, addressing everyone working with the legal field.

Scicluna believes that if legal personnel have these values, they be able to overcome the temptation for corruption and illegalities. It would also mean that they have an understanding of the jurisprudence and prudence – “without which one will become lenient and frivolous.”

“The goal of the law is to bring peace and I encourage you to be instruments of peace in society. No one can provide what they do not possess; the help you give has to come from your conscience not just science. In return, this is what will bring you peace as without this backing you up, injustice will reign.”

Scicluna thanking all those present for choosing this vocation, he stated that everyone has a thirst for this peace that comes from justice which should be based on truth and courage.

More details to follow.

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