the true masterminds are still running around outside yorgen fenechs defence lawyer says - The true masterminds are still running around outside, Yorgen Fenech’s defence lawyer says

The true masterminds behind the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia are “running around outside”, Charles Mercieca, one of the lawyers defending Yorgen Fenech said in court on Thursday.

Fenech is accused with being the mastermind behind the killing of Caruana Galizia on 16 October 2017.

“How can we have a fair hearing when the prosecution doesn’t want to give us tapes… [or] the mobile phone? Nobody believes this crusade against Fenech. The true masterminds are running around outside,” Mercieca said in court.


“The AG is saying that the audio-visual statement is not admissible,” claims Mercieca, but points out that the AG had presented such statements in other juries.

Mercieca was making submissions after requesting the court that the evidence and call profiles, location data of several people be exhibited.

Making his submissions, Deputy AG Philip Galea Farrugia asks for the relevance of the request with respect to the individuals. “We aren’t talking about persons suspected of the crime, we are talking about persons who spoke to each other during the compilation of evidence. Lawyers are included. To ask for a dragnet collection of all their phone data would constitute a large scale breach of legally protected rights,” Galea Farrugia said.

The court will give a decree from chambers and the compilation will continue on 6 October.

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