Therese Comodini Cachia ‘Always Showed Courage’, Says PN As She Plans To Bow Out Of Frontline Politics
, Therese Comodini Cachia ‘Always Showed Courage’, Says PN As She Plans To Bow Out Of Frontline Politics

The Nationalist Party has praised Therese Comodini Cachia for her courage and contribution following revelations that the MP will not be contesting the next general election. 

“Therese Comodini Cachia has always understood that politics is a mission to serve the nation and the Maltese people,” the party said in a statement. “She has always shown courage as well as integrity in her political work as well as a lawyer,” it said.

Speaking to Times of Malta, Comodini Cachia confirmed her intention not to run, stating that “partisan polarised parliamentary politicsis not the best outfit for me to wear to be able to continue striving for a better place with a fairer community.”

“In every role I have always sought justice and applied a social conscience. Whether it is seeking justice for persons who are victims of human rights violations, addressing a public inquiry into Malta’s most heinous assassination, addressing a party event or addressing parliament, I have continuously tried to do so with the utmost respect to the dignity of the persons involved and to the level of respect every institution deserves,” she said.

Comodini Cachia’s first foray in politics was in 2013, when she unsuccessfully contested the general election on the Nationalist Party ticket.

She remained involved with the PN and helped them draft a private members’ bill to increase safeguards against LGBT+ discrimination and representing the party in a constitutional case over disparities in the election vote-counting process.

In 2017, she won the eighth district with over 1,500 first-count voters. However, moments after the results were confirmed, Comodini Cachia suddenly announced her intention to relinquish her new seat and keep her seat at the European Parliament.

Last year, Comodini Cachia was one of the main candidates for the PN leadership, putting her name forward as a challenger to Adrian Delia amid a major leadership crisis. Comodino Cachi backed out before the race started, with Grech eventually wining out and defeating Delia in an election last October.

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