These Are Malta’s Leaders And Influencers’ Biggest 2020 Achievements In Their Own Words
these are maltas leaders and influencers biggest 2020 achievements in their own words - These Are Malta’s Leaders And Influencers’ Biggest 2020 Achievements In Their Own Words

It’s been a hot minute since the world had such a challenging year – even the 2008 global recession looks amateur hour compared to the 1.7 million (and counting) deaths felt around the world due to COVID-19.

However, cometh the hour, cometh the man or woman – and all over the island, Maltese people have stepped up to the insane and oftentimes overbearing challenges faced this year.

Here are some of Malta’s leading politicians and celebrities’ biggest achievements from 2020 in their own words.

1. Peppi Azzopardi

“They got rid of Xarabank from PBS – and it became more relevant and freer than ever.”

2. Chris Fearne

“Well, I limped into 2020 as a defeated PL leadership candidate. But it wasn’t long before fate plunged me in to work with even more dedication to the well-being of the citizens of this country. I was extremely proud to lead a large and diversified team of frontliners who affronted COVID-19 with vigour, fearlessness and perseverance.”

3. Bernard Grech

“Entering politics. The experience has been a shock to the system in more ways than one as the change has been great. On the other hand, it has also afforded me to experience Malta and Gozo in ways I would have never – this in itself is humbling.”

4. James Ryder

“Meeting seven new friends which eventually turned into the TikTok group ‘The Boys’.”

5. Joseph ‘Kapxi’ Mangion

“I’m 63 years old and I took part in Malta’s Got Talent – they even came to my house to take part in it, and I made it all the way to the final.”

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6. Byron Camilleri

“Delivering two major collective agreements which greatly improved the working conditions of soldiers and firefighters. This was the first sectoral agreement for members of the Armed Forces of Malta and the government is investing an additional €8.2 million a year to ensure that soldiers are given the salaries they deserve. Whereas the collective agreement for the Civil Protection Department was updated for the first time after 22 years. Personally, this was an important achievement because workers’ conditions are an issue close to my heart.”

7. Eileen Montesin

“Keeping my listeners and televiewers happy, with my positive vibe, even under the sad circumstances.”

8. Bjorn Formosa

“Our marketing campaign leading to the Marathon TV Fundraiser where a record sum was collected to open a Newer & Bigger DAR Bjorn.”

9. Roberta Metsola

“On a personal level it was learning how to ride a bike. Professionally, it was being elected as the First Vice-President of the European Parliament.”

10. Charmaine Gauci

“Leading a team of dedicated professionals during this pandemic.”

11. Joe Giglio

“Managing to spend more time with my family due to the lockdowns and quarantines.”

12. Howard Keith Debono

“Definitely setting up the MEIA – Malta Entertainment Industry & Arts Association.”

Watch Howard Keith Debono interviewed on Lovin Daily below – his segment starts at 11.22.

13. Aaron Farrugia

“Being appointed Minister at a relatively young age.”

14. Miriam Dalli

“2020 was a year of many changes for me. It made me understand that change is good. My biggest personal achievement is when all the world started changing I managed to settle down and go back into a healthy eating and physical activity routine.”

15. Daniel Holmes

“My biggest achievement, although maybe not mine alone was seeing ‘A Memoir From Malta’s Prison: From A Cage, On A Rock, In A Puddle’ published.”

16. Rosianne Cutajar

“Surely being appointed as Parliamentary Secretary for Equality and Reforms and being part of the Cabinet.”

What was your biggest achievement in 2020? Let us know in the comments below

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