This Historic Church In Senglea Dates All The Way Back To The 1300s
this historic church in senglea dates all the way back to the 1300s - This Historic Church In Senglea Dates All The Way Back To The 1300s

The picturesque town of Senglea has to be one of the most beautiful on the island – and of its most exceptional features has to be this 700-year-old church which, after being battered for centuries, still stands tall today.

The church of St Julian’s was built in 1311 and is apparently one of the very first buildings to be constructed in Senglea, according to Jean Paul Borg.

The man behind the photo and page Kappa Vision, Borg goes around the Maltese islands hunting for visuals that capture Maltese culture, society and heritage.

Though the church dates back to 1311, it was rebuilt in 1539 and again in 1712 from the plans of the famous Maltese Baroque architect and sculptor, Lorenzo Gafà.

Apart from displaying some impressive and beautiful architecture, the walls of the church tell tales of a rich history as an ecclesiastical building and also has been recognised as one of the first schools in Malta.

It also survived the Great Siege, a 7.4 magnitude earthquake, and both World Wars, but not without suffering its fair share of damage.

In 1998 the original belfry of the church was pulled down and rebuilt according to its original measurements and now stands in pristine condition as a tribute to the rich history of Senglea and Malta. Hemmed in by newer buildings, the church still stands out on the narrow street and is still in use today as a temple for spiritual solace.

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