This Maltese Gamer Is Going To Spend 24 Hours Straight In Front Of His Computer For Charity
this maltese gamer is going to spend 24 hours straight in front of his computer for charity - This Maltese Gamer Is Going To Spend 24 Hours Straight In Front Of His Computer For Charity

A Maltese gamer is on a self-imposed quest to sit in front of his computer and play video games for 24 hours straight… all in the name of charity. 

Spooner, as he is known in the online community, will be collecting donations for YMCA Malta as he ventures through his day-and-night-long journey, collecting donations as he streams live to the hundreds of gamers watching.

The stream will begin today at 9pm with the Maltese gamer playing the likes of Warzone and Minecraft, in addition to some more niche games, and he’s even offered to put his body on the line to rack in those donations. 

The games are fun enough, but it’s going to be even more fun watching Spooner go through this…

In order to incentivise people to donate to YMCA Malta, Spooner has set up Donation Goals and for each tier he hits, there’s a little challenge to unlock.

For €25, Spooner will down a shot of hot sauce. For €50, he’ll do 50 burpees and for €150 he’ll wear a morph suit.

The list goes on and on, with more donations unlocking more tiers including merch and more.

It’s a painstaking process, but Spooner won’t be doing it alone.

Other Maltese gamers will be popping in to support the streamer on his journey, including Gaspirator, Rogue Kimiko, Mootilated, Forecast Panda, TyKy and SandMax24 and PeschelPlays from Maltese comedy group, The Boys.

And you can choose to stick by Spooner for the whole 24 hours (make sure to stock up on energy drinks!) or you can pop in at any time by keeping track of the stream schedule.

One thing you should definitely do is donate, with all proceeds going towards YMCA Malta. 

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