Tributes Pour In For Ġorġ tal-Mużew, Beloved Folk Singer Who Loved Visiting Hospital Patients

Ġorġ Agius, known as Ġorġ tal-Mużew’ and ‘L-Għannej Tal-Mulej, has died today at the age of 94.

A folk singer and beloved community figure, Ġorġ was best known for his frequent visits to hospital where he used to put a smile on patients’ faces with his rhymes and prayers.  

After the news of his death was announced, several people took to social media to offer their condolences and recount their memories of the man.

“Pray for us, Ġorġ… how many prayers I used to say with you at hospital,” one woman said. “May God grant you the everlasting glory; you deserve to be by His side because you cheered so many people up.”

“When I was pregnant and in hospital, you always talked to me and others to give us courage and finish with a smile,” another one said. 

Opposition leader Bernard Grech said Malta “cried” upon learning of Ġorġ’s death. 

“Everyone could see what a genuine person you were; your mouth only ever opened to do good. Tonight the singer of the Lord is singing to the Lord.”

Labour MP Anthony Agius Decelis shared a video of Ġorġ showing him some of his rhymes last year.

“Thank you for all your astute words, Ġorġ. Until we meet again. Rest in peace, you unique man. Go and meet up with the one you loved so He’ll keep you by His side for eternity.”

Organisations from Ġorg’s hometown of Birgu also paid tribute, describing him as an icon of their town.

And former PN leader Adrian Delia wrote Ġorġ a poem of his own.

Cartoonist Ġorġ Mallia shared a cartoon he had drawn of his namesake after one of his hospital visits, along with some powerful words.

“I admired the dedication of a man who gave his life to what he believed. It’s irrelevant that I don’t believe what he believed in, but what’s important to me is that while others live their lives sucking blood from others, this man wished good upon his neighbour.”

“He would embarrass me when I’d be waiting for a hospital appointment and he’d walk in with his verses and invite everyone to pray with him. I never did what he asked me to because I felt he was imposing his beliefs on people who, like me, may not want to hear them.”

“However, the truth is that he was actually cheering up those who believed like him and consoling them in a place they certainly didn’t go to for fun. If he irritated some people like me who didn’t believe, that’s fine. Who knows whether he’s now celebrating what he believed in? What he spent his life doing? For him, I hope he is.”

And this beautiful Instagram poem really sums it up.

Rip Ġorġ

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tributes pour in for gorg tal muzew beloved folk singer who loved visiting hospital patients - Tributes Pour In For Ġorġ tal-Mużew, Beloved Folk Singer Who Loved Visiting Hospital Patients
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