Two Britons killed in France plane crash were ‘on trip of a lifetime’ to Malta – report
two britons killed in france plane crash were on trip of a lifetime to malta report - Two Britons killed in France plane crash were ‘on trip of a lifetime' to Malta - report

Two British men who were killed in a light-plane crash in the south of France on Wednesday had been ‘on the trip of a lifetime’ to Malta, the Mirror reports.

Both men were part of a group of several planes who had set off from Eshott Airfield in Northumberland on Sunday.

The pilot of the plane has been named as 37-year-old Andrew Buck. The other man killed, 18, was a passenger and is yet to be named.


Andrew’s dad Les Buck wrote on Facebook: “Gut wrenching news this morning that our son Andrew Buck of Seaham Harbour has died in a light aircraft in the French Alps.

The crash occurred over the high mountain Maddalena Pass, on the Alpine border with Italy, the Mirror reports.

The flight had taken off from the Barcelonnette/Saint-Pons aerodrome shortly before the fatal crash.

The trip had been travelling in a series of stages, scheduled to reach Malta on Saturday.

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Photo: The Mirror

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