Upcycled Fashion Collection Made By A Young Designer During Lockdown Encourages Sustainability In Malta
upcycled fashion collection made by a young designer during lockdown encourages sustainability in malta - Upcycled Fashion Collection Made By A Young Designer During Lockdown Encourages Sustainability In Malta

An emerging Spanish designer, Sabel Plata, will be releasing a new fashion collection at the end of September which shines a light on sustainable clothing and is made up completely of second-hand and vintage garments.

The collection, SONDER, is a project that Plata had worked on during her period of self-isolation when the COVID-19 pandemic was at its worst. The concept came up after she found herself short on resources due to the financial strain of the pandemic and decided to start making clothes out of clothes she no longer wore.

Being an avid advocate on the dismantling of the fast fashion industry and its astronomical pollution to our environment, Plata immediately took to the concept of having pieces transformed and derived from unwanted deadstock textiles into unique garments.

Plata has shown us that with the right tools, we are able to initiate change and create a trendy circular economy, even with little knowledge of sewing. Everything can be recreated for a new purpose.

Sustainability is an important concept in this collection and that’s why there is a set goal to have little to no environmental impact. Each upcycled garment is its own unique creation and made from a variety of discarded materials and textiles.

Plata’s intentions with this collection are to teach people to be more responsible when it comes to purchasing new clothes. She has proved that we are able to create fashion pieces that respect our planet while also supporting local designers.

When stores began to reopen, she was introduced to Tonya Lehtinen and her little boutique VOGUE XCHANGE, a vintage clothing store with a conscious soul in the heart of Victoria. Without any hesitation, Lehtinen provided all the necessary clothes and materials for Plata to continue project SONDER.

Mass consumption is what influenced Lehtinen to open up such a space. Because of her keen interest in fashion and love of quality clothing, seen through a sustainable lens, she provides young designers just like Sabel Plata, with the textile resources to enable them to work on their own projects.

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