Updated: Almost 5,000 PN councillors, members sign pro-Delia petitions
updated almost 5000 pn councillors members sign pro delia petitions - Updated: Almost 5,000 PN councillors, members sign pro-Delia petitions

Two petitions in support of Adrian Delia – one of them with 4,300 signatures – were presented at the PN headquarters on Wednesday evening.

The petitions were delivered a day before the PN’s executive council discusses another petition, presented last week, which calls for a general council to be held and for a vote of confidence in Adrian Delia to take place.

The first petition presented on Wednesday contains 4,333 signatures of party members while the second was signed by 530 members of the general council.


The people behind the pro-Delia petitions say that the general council cannot take decisions on the party leadership as the statute says that the top posts can only be contested within three months of a general election.

The petitions, with identical wording, urge the general council to reject the call made in the petition presented last week. It also calls on the party to launch a reform to turn the party into a winning one again.

The PN’s doors should be open to all those who genuinely wish to seek change, the petitions say, while urging MPs and party officials to pull the same rope and set an example to other members.

They also call for necessary action to be taken against MPs and officials who are not willing to work with the party leader and who are harming the party with their actions.

Finally, the petitions say that there should be a process to bring back into the fold those who have left the party because of the actions of these few.

The petitions were presented by Rabat party council Karl Muscat.

Photo: TVM

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