Updated: Man mentioned by Melvin Theuma in court is former OPM security official; gets suspended
, Updated: Man mentioned by Melvin Theuma in court is former OPM security official; gets suspended

Kenneth Camilleri (right), a security official formerly employed by the Office of the Prime Minister, was the ‘Kenneth’ mentioned by Melvin Theurma during his testimony in court earlier today, according to sources.

Melvin Theuma, the middleman who was granted a Presidential Pardon in the Daphne Caruana Galizia murder trial, mentioned two new names in his testimony this morning.


The first was a certain Kenneth, and the second was a certain Johann.

The Malta Independent is informed that the Kenneth that Theuma referred to is a certain Kenneth Camilleri, who works as a security guard at OPM.

During his testimony, Theuma said that he had gotten a call from a man called Johann, and he (Johann) and a certain Kenneth came to meet him. Theuma assumed that Yorgen Fenech sent them to meet him. Or else it could have been Keith Schembri, because Kenneth worked in Castille, Theuma said. Kenneth told him that Degiorgios were going to be released on a one million euro bail,’  he testified.

Melvin Theuma said that he is not sure that Keith Schembri sent Kenneth, and said that it is just an assumption.

Kenneth Camilleri has worked at the Office of the Prime Minister as a security guard for a number of years. He also travelled with Neville Gafa (left) to Libya. He is a former police officer.


Prime Minister’s Ex- Security Officer Kenneth Camilleri suspended by Transport Malta 

Transport Malta said in a statement that Kenneth Camilleri was one of its employees.

The statement simply stated that “Transport Malta has suspended one of its employees, following a witness deposition given in court earlier today, during the proceedings in relation to the murder of Mrs Caruana Galizia.”

Transport Malta said that the suspension is effective immediately.



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