WATCH: After Being Faced With A Full Hysterectomy, Young Maltese Women Urges Other Ladies To Get Tested Regularly
, WATCH: After Being Faced With A Full Hysterectomy, Young Maltese Women Urges Other Ladies To Get Tested Regularly

A 26-year-old Maltese woman who is at risk of undergoing a full hysterectomy is urging other women to not take their health for granted and get tested regularly.

Ex-Liquorish contestant Gabrielle Mallia took to social media to shed light on her story, explaining how a routine smear test ( also known as a cervical screening) led to some shocking discoveries about her health.

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“I really feel that women, in general, don’t take their health into consideration when it comes to smear tests. I spoke to a lot of women who told me they are scared or embarrassed to go and I can’t emphasise enough how important it is,” she started.

Gabrielle explains how she used to take a smear test once every year but forgot to do so for the past three years, prompting her to get a much-needed and long-overdue check-up.

Only this time she was told that some abnormalities had cropped up, prompting doctors to conduct a small operation a couple of weeks later for further testing.

“It turns out that I do have some cancer starting and the next course of action would be to remove the areas where I have cancer or else a full hysterectomy”, she said.

With doctors doing the best they can to avoid hysterectomy, and any chance that she may have children, Gabrielle felt the need to share her story with other women and remind them how important it is to get checked regularly.

“I could have avoided this, I could have gone for a check before and maybe I wouldn’t be in this situation right now,” she continued.

At 26-years-old, Gabrielle is faced with the possibility of not being able to have children in the future, but her attention is focused on the present and in sending out a clear message to women out there who don’t take their health seriously enough.

“If you haven’t gone for a smear in a while, go get it done because we do take our health for granted sometimes. There’s a chance I can’t have children. I’m waiting for the decision to be made, it’s very overwhelming and I don’t wish for any other women to go through this situation if it can be avoided,” she ended.

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