Watch: Coronavirus briefing – 10 new cases, total reaches 422; 9 patients recover, total of 91
watch coronavirus briefing 10 new cases total reaches 422 9 patients recover total of 91 - Watch: Coronavirus briefing - 10 new cases, total reaches 422; 9 patients recover, total of 91

Health Superintendent Charmain Gauci said 10 new Coronavirus cases were registered in the last 24 hours, bringing the total to 422.

In the last day, nine patients have recovered from the virus, for a total of 91. 

In all, the number of active cases is now 328. Three have died since the first Coronavirus case on 7 March.

Speaking on the cases registered in the last day, Gauci said that one of them was related to travelling. She is a 31-year-old woman who returned from England on a repatriation flught on 12 April. A contact tracing exercise is taking place to see who was in close proximity to her on the flight home.


Three of the cases are of migrants at the Hal Far centre, which now brings the total of cases there to 34, Gauci said. The three cases recorded in the last 24 hours were of three men from Sudan, aged 24, 26 and 30. The quarantine period for residents at the centre was this morning extended by another 14 days.

Three other cases recorded in the past day were of foreigners who live in Malta. They are a Colombian 36-year-old man, a 35-year-old English man and a 29-yeatr-old man from Nepal.

The Colombian man last worked a month ago, and so there was no contacts with colleagues, although his family is being tested. The Englishman was working from home and so, in this case, his family is also being monitored. The Nepalese case is related to another patient who tested positive.

The other three cases involve three Maltese nationals – a 61-year-old man who was not working, a 24-year-old Maltese man who was at work for a short while while experiencing symptoms and a 29-year-old carer at St Vincent de Paule, who had been in contact with another case registered at the home for the elderly.

The Malta Independent asked Gauci about which measures might the first to be relaxed when the situation improves. She explained that Malta is not yet in a state to relax measures as it all depends on the situation the country finds itself in. This also depends on the country’s rate of transmission and the amount of resources available to keep up with the demand of cases.

Asked why some swab results might take long to come she said that this typically happens when the health authorities don’t have a way of communicating with them as they did not give the right contact details. Results can be sent via SMS, email or calls, however, one can also look at MyHealth government website.

She also pointed out that the map published yesterday pinpointing the geographical whereabouts of positive cases is not an indication of where the patients contracting the virus but where the individuals are originally from and this is why the authorities are not thinking of closing down any specific areas as yet.

She sadi that the percentage of positive cases which are symptomatic is higher than asymptomatic ones, which is good as the chances of transferring the virus is higher in symptomatic people. However, as a precautionary measure, asymptomatic people are still being treated as if they had symptoms in order to limit chances of spreading the virus.

She also commented on speculations of a second wave of the virus which other countries have experienced. It is very probable that Malta will experience a second wave of the virus, however, she believes that our country is at an advantage with the measures it is taking during this first wave as through them it can learn how to better manage the second wave. 

“The exit will happen when there is a vaccine and when everyone can become immune to it,” she said which she believes will take until October 2020 at least.

Asked about what measures were taken with regard to the migrants that came into Malta in the past weeks, Gauci said that they have been transferred to quarantine themselves immediately even though they tested negative to the virus.

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