Watch: Coronavirus briefing – One new case, 39 recover; 238 active cases from total of 445
watch coronavirus briefing one new case 39 recover 238 active cases from total of 445 - Watch: Coronavirus briefing - One new case, 39 recover; 238 active cases from total of 445

Health Superintendent Charmaine Gauci said one Coronavirus case was registered in the last 24 hours, while another 39 patients have recovered.

Giving her daily briefing, Gauci said that the total number of cases is now 445, with 238 being active.

The number of deaths remains at three, while the total number of recoveries now stands at 204.

Of the people who have recovered, three are aged from zero to nine, one aged between 10 and 14, four between 20-29, nine between 30-39, seven between 40-49, five each between 50-59 and 60-69, two between 70 and 79 and three between 80 and 89.


The only case registered today was of a Libyan man.

Asked by The Malta Independent whether the number of active cases at the current situation was predicted by the Health Authorities, Gauci explained that the Health Authorities were expecting more cases. “We were expecting much bigger numbers, and that is why we had certain measures in place and preparations at our hospital for these numbers,” Gauci said.

Malta is seeing low numbers because the public is following these measures, and that it is important that people continue following such measures to control the situation. “We must continue learning from what is happening abroad, that there are certain countries where their hospitals are not coping with the number of patients,” she said. 

When asked regarding which lockdown measures will be removed first, Gauci said that the health authorities will be analysing the situation in depth before relaxing or removing any particular measures. “We are constantly monitoring the situation, as we cannot risk a rise in cases, as this could lead to people being infected or leading more individuals to be admitted to hospital.”

Gauci also said that the rate of reproduction of the virus is “slowly going down” and dropped below 1.

When asked for an explanation for the lower number of tests being carried out, Gauci said that the numbers of tests are dependent on how much people come for testing. 

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