Watch: Coronavirus briefing – two new cases, four recover; 160 active cases from total of 450
watch coronavirus briefing two new cases four recover 160 active cases from total of 450 - Watch: Coronavirus briefing - two new cases, four recover; 160 active cases from total of 450

Health Superintendent Charmaine Gauci said two new cases of Coronavirus were recorded in the last 24 hours, while another four patients have recovered.

This comes the day after no cases were registered on Sunday, the first time it had happened since the first positive case on 7 March.

Gauci said that it is normal that cases surface again after a day without any case reported. This is why it is important that the social distancing mesures remain in place, particularly to safeguard the interests of vulnerable people.


The two cases registered in the last 24 hours brings the total to 450, which include four patients who have died.

The total number of active cases is now 160, while the number of patients who have recovered is now 286.

This means that the number of cases still active is 35% of the total number of cases reported.

The two cases registered today were two men aged 40 and 68.

Two of the four patients who recovered are aged under nine while the other two are aged between 30 and 39.

Giving details on the situation at the Hal Far migrant open centre, Gauci said that the area remains under quarantine, although no new cases of Coronavirus have been registered since 20 April.

“359 tests were carried out at the Hal Far tent village, resulting in 43 positive coronavirus cases,” she said.

Asked by The Malta Independent to confirm or deny whether chilblains is a sign of having the Coronavirus, Gauci said that the symptoms of this disease are nromally related to respiratory illness including a cough and shortness of breath, together with fever and gastro-intestinal symptoms such as vomiting, nausea and  diarrhea. Some also experience a loss of smell and taste. She added that “people who suffer from allergies, and are feeling that their symptoms are unusual, should call the helpline 111.”

Gauci said health authorities are doing their best to strengthen the testing strategy. This is also done by testing groups of people who are on the frontline in combating the disease, such as the police, soldiers and medical staff.

Gauci said that in order to consider lifting measures the authorities want to see that the transmission of the disease continues to decline. “Eventually, one will be able to identify what measures can be lifted,” she said.

Regarding hospitals and their services Gauci reassured the public that “all necessary measures are being taken in order to protect both those patients who are in hospital, but also those people who need to go to the hospital for appointments.”

Asked on whether the public should be wearing masks when going outside, Gauci explained that “as a country we are not in a situation or stage where the public will be recommended to wear masks as local transmission is not high.”

Furthermore, Gauci gave an update on the one month year old baby and said that “she is still in hospital because she is being monitored due to other conditions, which is not the coronavirus.”

Asked on whether people are fined or given penalties if they do not go for scheduled testing Gauci remarked that “the majority of people do actually go for testing. However, the people who don’t, their situation is usually analysed and dealt with accordingly. Tests are re-scheduled at a later date.” 

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