WATCH: Davinia Drops An Unapologetic Super Steamy Music Video… And Get Ready To Sweat
watch davinia drops an unapologetic super steamy music video and get ready to sweat - WATCH: Davinia Drops An Unapologetic Super Steamy Music Video… And Get Ready To Sweat

Sizzling temperatures might be the norm this time of year in Malta, but today’s piece of heat comes straight from one of the island’s very own.

Unleashing her latest single Cure, Davinia has also blessed us with some visuals for her new track, and boy is it H.O.T.

A steamy make-out session on what looks like a zuntier as church bells go off in the distance?  A mysterious pole dancer grinding away in a pink room? Davinia rocking a bra-and-red-mesh outfit? Some tongue-to-ear action? This video has it all.

Beyond the striking dark visuals courtesy of the music video’s director Steven Levi Vella though, Cure carries a very personal message to Davinia

As it so happens, the latest track was apparently inspired by a bad fling that the young Maltese singer went through.

“In a way, it’s me turning my back on that part of my life, giving a new meaning to my life with a new sound,” Davinia told Lovin Malta.

And if verses like “I should be over it, but I can’t let go of it” or “I dreamt of you last night, fuck that shit” don’t drive that point home, we honestly don’t know what will.

The dark 90s-inspired RNB song was written by Davinia herself along with singer/songwriter Matthew “Muxu” Mercieca and produced by Siconix. Cure is also a sign of things to come; while Davinia explained that the track is one out of a few planned tracks, she also went on to say that yet another single is set to drop towards the end of the year, where she’ll no doubt bring the heat all over again.

For all things Davinia, be sure to follow her on Instagram and join her over 12,000 followers as they wait with bated breath for her next hit. In the meantime, we’ll be hitting Play all over again and sweating our way through the day.

Davinia’s new single ‘Cure’ is now available for download on Spotify and Apple Music. 

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