Watch – Don’t be selfish: Stay at home on Freedom Day
watch dont be selfish stay at home on freedom day - Watch - Don’t be selfish: Stay at home on Freedom Day

Sunny skies are expected on Tuesday, a public holiday, but we urge you to resist the temptation and stay inside unless it is absolutely necessary for you to go out.

If you do, pleas follow social distancing rules and avoid crowded areas.

On Sunday, many people ignored the appeals made by the health authorities and congregated in areas like Sliema, Gnejna and Bahar ic-Caghaq. Many did not follow social distancing rules and walked or lounged around in groups, without leaving the required 2-metre distance.


On Sunday, Prime Minister Robert Abela said the next two to three weeks are crucial to in the fight against the spread of the Coronavirus and everyone has a responsibility to carry and a part to play.

While some people may not care about their own wellbeing, or think that they can easily recover from Covid-19 because they are young and healthy, they might still be helping the virus spread and reach other, less fortunate individuals – individuals who could get very sick, and even die, as a result of the virus.

So our appeal to you is: don’t be selfish. Think about the rest of us. Stay home.

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