WATCH: Freestyle Extravaganza! MGT Finalists Take Over Lovin Malta’s TikTok For A Talent-Packed Run-Up
watch freestyle extravaganza mgt finalists take over lovin maltas tiktok for a talent packed run up - WATCH: Freestyle Extravaganza! MGT Finalists Take Over Lovin Malta’s TikTok For A Talent-Packed Run-Up

Tens of thousands of people are eagerly waiting for tonight’s last episode of Malta’s Got Talent debut season which will see one lucky (and talented) finalist go home with €25,000. But what’s life off the big stage like for Malta’s nine favourite stars?

In the run-up to the Grand Finale, MGT’s finalists have taken over Lovin Malta’s TikTok, sharing excited updates and impressive freestyles ahead of tonight’s big show.

From a personalised Kapxi dedicated to an intimate backyard performance by Matthias Camilleri, here are the MGT-tastic TikToks you might’ve missed these last couple of days.

1. Lapes, on form as ever for some hot bars

Beloved local rapper was first to visit our offices, delivering a couple of lightning-fast verses that quickly escalated into Rap God territory.

Try to keep up, I dare you. Try to recreate it, I double dare you.

2. Then, Concept of Movement took it back to the streets to show us where it all began

Anyone who’s been following MGT since the very beginning knows by now that wherever Concept of Movement go, sheer skill and raw emotion follow.

And that’s exactly what the young members of the dance troupe delivered yet, in a short cypher in the middle of Sliema.

@lovinmaltaofficial@cherylofreda ‘s @conceptofmovement in Sliema today showing off their moves ahead of the MGT Finals 🔥 ##fyp ##fypmalta ##streetdance ##malta ##mgt♬ original sound – Lovin Malta

3. Xummm!

Love him or not, Joseph Mangion is one of the main reasons many people have been tuning in to Malta’s Got Talent these last couple of weeks.

Tonight, il-Kapxi has promised us something different, something more, and we’ll be waiting with bated breath.

Until then, here’s a special, post-rehearsal by the man himself.

4. Yulan, charismatic and talented as ever, looks set to dominate yet again

She might only be 10 years old, but Yulan already has a lot of experience on the big stage.

And while nerves are bound to take over everyone in the run-up to the big night, Yulan was all smiles for her Lovin Malta TikTok, even cheekily squeezing in a couple of lines from “I’m Almost There” in there.

We see you Yulan!

5. Ike & Kaya remind us all why we love them

The youngest couple to win over the nation, the singer-rapper duo are firm favourites for many, and they took their opportunity to show everyone exactly why.

Recounting the audition that brought them here, Ike & Kaya’s TikTok takeover was equal parts Disney and equal parts super fresh… and that hug at the end will definitely help warm even the coldest of hearts!

6. Matthias, emotional and impressive even in a backyard

When an act moves you, it probably has less to do with the setting and lighting and more to do with the sheer talent on display.

That’s exactly what 28-year-old Matthias Camilleri proved, dressed casually next to the now-iconic Chinese pole, this time in his backyard.

Just over half a minute later, we were as hooked as ever.

7. Ria doesn’t even need music to bring the heat!

Young Ria Gauci has shown some insanely flexible moves on MGT, with epic music amplifying her very expressive choreography.

But without any tight latex suit or floating rings, the nine-year-old still delivered her usual ever-flowing dance moves… and she didn’t even need music to do so!

8. Kinetic go super synced from the studio

The dance troupe’s younger and older members alike took to one short and entertaining clip to provide us with a short but sick choreographer that we’d love to recreate… but know all too well we definitely can’t.

9. Jomike and Lydon show what our culture is all about

The father and son duo have won the nation’s hearts with their traditional Maltese makjetti and they’ve given us a taste of what to expect from their big performance tonight. Talented and heartwarming, we could listen to them all day.

Hyped for the MGT Finals tonight? Who do you want to see take home the Grand Prize! Let us know in the comments!

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