Watch: Groups of more than 5 will be dispersed; lockdown for people aged over 65, chronically ill
watch groups of more than 5 will be dispersed lockdown for people aged over 65 chronically ill - Watch: Groups of more than 5 will be dispersed; lockdown for people aged over 65, chronically ill

The government has announced that groups of more than five people will be dispersed by police with immediate effect while people aged over 65 and all others who have chronic illnesses are being requested to stay at home as from Saturday. Pregnant women are also being told not to leave their homes.

The new measures were made public this afternoon by Health Minister Chris Fearne as Malta fights to control the spread of Coronavirus. As of today, 134 cases have been recorded.

There are no fines associated with these measures, but Minister Fearne said it is imperative that these instructions are obeyed by all those who fall under the categories listed by the government.

The new measures, which were agreed during a lengthy Cabinet meeting today, are aimed at protecting elderly and vulnerable people.

Fearne said that the spread of the disease is still in its “early stages” but given what we are seeing in other countries and what statistical models are showing, it is now the time to implement more measures to reduce the risks of spreading the disease.

On Thursday afternoon, the Superintendent of Public Health, Charmaine Gauci, announced that 5 new cases of Coronavirus were confirmed over the past 24 hours.

Fearne said that the measures announced today will affect 118,000 people, and they were being implemented to safeguard their health, given that the risks they face if they contract Coronavirus are higher than that of others.

With immediate effect, police will be dispersing groups of more than five people who are seen gathered together, and will request that a two-metre distance is kept between them.

As from Saturday, people aged 65 and over will be obliged to stay at home. Fearne said that people who have chronic illnesses should also stay inside.

These include: Insulin dependent diabetics; People taking biological medicines; People who have cancer or had cancer treatment in the past six months People with immuno-suppression; Those receiving dyalisis treatment; All pregnant women; People with respiratory diseases that required hospital treatment over last year; People with heart disease who required surgery within last six months; People undergoing treatment at the heart failure clinic; People taking oral steroids.


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