Watch: I have no more time to waste with Jason Azzopardi – Adrian Delia

Watch: I have no more time to waste with Jason Azzopardi – Adrian Delia

Opposition Leader Adrian Delia said this afternoon that he had no more time to waste on PN MP Jason Azzopardi’s outbursts on the social media.

He was speaking to journalists after the PN executive meeting today voted to so-opt Jean Pierre Debono to replace David Stellini who resigned from Parliament.


At the end of the meeting, Mark Anthony Sammut said he was resigning from the post of president of the executive committee. Some time later, Azzopardi uploaded a post on Facebook saying that Sammut resigned in spite of not having any responsibility for the PN election campaign, yet whoever planned it and implemented it stayed on.

Asked about this, Delia said that he will ignore Azzopardi who, he said, has resorted to social media to pass on messages several times.

Azzopardi must also see what kind of responsibility he must shoulder, Delia said, and question himself on whether his behaviour on the social media is beneficial to the party. Delia said he had always tried to include Azzopardi but he felt that now he has no more time to waste with him.

Asked whether he would be asking Azzopardi to resign, Dr Delia said he would not.

“You do not ask someone to resign for a comment unless that comment goes over a certain limit,” he said. But he said he had no more time to waste on him.

watch i have no more time to waste with jason azzopardi adrian delia - Watch: I have no more time to waste with Jason Azzopardi – Adrian Delia

In his replies to journalists, Delia said that Debono and Kevin Cutajar both made presentations to the party executive on why they should be chosen for co-option, and then the executive decided (and chose Debono).

Asked whether the 42-40 vote meant a split right down the middle, Delia said that this was not a vote on the party situation, but a vote between two candidates. The argument was between what was beneficial for the party – a candidate from the seventh district and one from the 13th, and the executive decided on the candidate from the seventh. This election was not one between factions, but between two candidates, he said.

He said that the party must analyse the result and move on. Mark Anthony Sammut chose to shoulder his political responsibility by resigning, Delia said, but he (Delia) wanted to stick to the mandate that PN members gave him, that of leading the party.

There are structures in place by which his leadership could be challenged, he said. But until these are not used he will continue to lead the PN till the next election.

Asked about whether Debono should resign the role of advisor to the leader now that he will be an MP, Delia said that he had been clear on what Debono should do were he to be co-opted. Now it is up to Debono to see that this is done, Delia said.

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