WATCH: Impassioned Adrian Zammit Takes Aim At Prime Minister Over Rosianne Cutajar Resignation
watch impassioned adrian zammit takes aim at prime minister over rosianne cutajar resignation - WATCH: Impassioned Adrian Zammit Takes Aim At Prime Minister Over Rosianne Cutajar Resignation

Marsa influencer Adrian Zammit has launched a fiery tirade against Prime Minister Robert Abela following Rosianne Cutajar’s resignation as Reforms Parliamentary Secretary.

“Mintoff based this country on [the foundations] of a workers party and the Prime Minister isn’t even capable of defending his own candidates, let alone how capable he is of defending workers and those in need.”

“He can’t even defend a woman who is insulted by a few imbeciles.”

Cutajar resigned this week pending an investigation by the Standards Commissioner into her dealings with murder suspect Yorgen Fenech.

According to Times of Malta, Cutajar pocketed over  €46,500 for her role in a Mdina property deal involving Fenech. A further €9,000 was handed to her directly from Fenech.

However, Zammit insisted she did nothing wrong, arguing that many Maltese businesses underpay their VAT dues.

“Has anyone out there brokered a property deal without getting paid for it? Is it because she didn’t declare this fee? Big deal. Some businesses keep two books and only declare one of them to the VAT Department.”

He accused Abela of dancing to the tune of Repubblika, mocking the activists who protested for Cutajar’s resignation as a group of “clowns”.

“Why isn’t anyone speaking out for Rosianne Cutajar? Can’t anyone defend her? When Bernard Grech says something, everyone pounds on him and calls him a clown, but then no one speaks about Rosianne Cutajar.”

“You bunch of clowns. You say you like Rosianne but then don’t respond to those fools, without violence, and call them out. She did so much good, she was a Labourite who people voted for, unlike those few who didn’t get a single vote who the Prime Minister brought in.”

Zammit showered Cutajar with praise, saying that if he could set up a new political party with just the two of them in it, he would.

“We’re removing the most important people from our party; the Labour Party is completely ending and there’s nothing to choose between the two parties. You should be ashamed of yourselves.”

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