WATCH: Malta Launches ‘Green Revolution’ For Localities Devoid of Greenery
watch malta launches green revolution for localities devoid of greenery - WATCH: Malta Launches ‘Green Revolution’ For Localities Devoid of Greenery

The Environment Ministry has announced a series of urban greening projects as part of a new initiative to improve the environment in Malta’s localities.

The first phase of the initiative has been signed by the Qala, Sliema, Gudja, Żebbuġ, and Ħamrun local councils, and are set to be the first to benefit from the embellishment of tress and shrubs in public spaces devoid of such greenery.

“The time has come to focus on ways in which to improve the environment of our communities,” Environment Minister Aaron Farrugia said. “While it is all well and good to have zones in more rural areas where families can visit, we need to make sure that green zones are also present at the heart of our localities. These projects are the first step towards the holistic vision for the environment sector, and I am committed to continue working towards a shift in mentality in this regard.”

The project will carried out in accordance with the Environment and Resources Authority’s landscaping guidelines and will consist of indigenous and foreign plants that are suitable to our dry climate.

“This is just the beginning. We are looking towards a green revolution in the country, ”the Minister said.

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