WATCH: Malta’s First Games Development And ESports Expo Will Be Held At MFCC Next Month

WATCH: Malta’s First Games Development And ESports Expo Will Be Held At MFCC Next Month

watch maltas first games development and esports expo will be held at mfcc next month - WATCH: Malta’s First Games Development And ESports Expo Will Be Held At MFCC Next Month

The Parliamentary Secretariat For Financial Services, Digital Economy and Innovation, Silvio Schembri, has just launched Malta’s first Games Development and eSports Expo, Playcon.

The Playcon expo will be added on to the DELTA summit and will form part of the Malta Tech Week from 3rd – 6th October at the MFCC in Ta’ Qali.

The expo will showcase the latest games and news in the eSports industry and will also include some education-related initiatives aimed at informing and educating the public about the industry and its opportunities. The expo will also promote careers within the Games Development and eSports sector.

“Playcon is yet another new initiative that the secretariat is supporting to continue to innovate and propel our digital economy,” said Schembri.

The Playcon expo is another step in the grand scheme of developing and implementing the eSports industry in Malta.

“We believe that Malta has all the key ingredients for these industries to develop successfully, and we are doing our utmost to boost the sectors. GamingMalta is working hard to roll out sectoral initiatives with the aim of implementing this strategy and help reach the country’s objectives”, said Ivan Filletti, Head of Operations and Business Development for GamingMalta.

Malta has had its fair share of success when it comes to competitive eSports, with several professional eSports players, including Kurt Fenech and Christian Spiteri, making a name for themselves internationally.

Most recently, local eSports player and streamer ‘JokerdTV’ became the world’s first to reach level 60 on the popular online MMORP World of Warcraft and did it with 340k viewers watching his stream.

These initiatives, combined with the talent and passion of local gamers, is a promising step forward in the continued effort to bring the eSports industry to Malta.

Playcon will be open on Thursday 3rd and Friday 4th October for businesses and school students only. After that, the Playcon Expo will be open for the general public, free of charge, during the weekend Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th October.

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