WATCH: Malta’s Hottest Music Supergroup Spreads The Love With New Seasonal Single
watch maltas hottest music supergroup spreads the love with new seasonal single - WATCH: Malta’s Hottest Music Supergroup Spreads The Love With New Seasonal Single

Malta’s hottest supergroup has just released a new Christmas anthem dedicated to spreading the love as we wind down a stressful and tense year.

If there’s one good thing to come out of the pandemic, it’s the newly-formed MTeam comprised of Matthew James, Micimago, Kugene and Mr. M. Since its conception earlier this year, MTeam has been releasing hit after hit.

And “Love”, their latest single, is no different, offering a message of hope, unity and optimism during these trying times.

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The seasonal dance-pop track touches on the importance of love in helping guide us to a brighter future and incorporates dance track elements with pop and rock to create a warm and comforting track that everyone can jam to this holiday.

Love is also accompanied by a music video featuring the band entering a picturesque and quiet Valletta at night, each carrying a lantern – a symbol of hope and love.

Each member finds his own spot in the city and begins playing their music – the lanterns come together and join forces, illuminating the sky with a Love sign.

Everyone watches on, wearing masks, as the sky lights up.

The track has become an instant hit, climbing to the number one spot in the local music charts.

“We are truly honoured that our Christmas song is the number one song in Malta during the Christmas season” said Micimago.

“We have received a beautiful Christmas present from our audience!” Matt concluded.

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