WATCH: Scuffle Breaks Out At Castille As Police Cage Protestors, Including Matthew Caruana Galizia
watch scuffle breaks out at castille as police cage protestors including matthew caruana galizia - WATCH: Scuffle Breaks Out At Castille As Police Cage Protestors, Including Matthew Caruana Galizia

A scuffle broke out between police and protestors at Castille Square outside an urgent Cabinet meeting, which has dragged out into the early hours of the morning.

Police had already barricaded the protestors off hours earlier and later decided that they needed to deploy more layers of physical security to keep them away from the Prime Minister and his Cabinet when they eventually emerge from Castille. Daphne Caruana Galizia’s son Matthew Caruana Galizia was at the front row of the protest and could be heard telling police officers that they should be ashamed of themselves for caging them.

He later gave a statement to condemn the way the Prime Minister’s former chief of staff Keith Schembri had been released from police custody.

“We’re here because even though there’s rock solid evidence that the PM’s chief of staff is probably the biggest criminal that this country has ever seen, the police have just let him go,” he said.

“We’ve been protesting for three years because there’s ample evidence in the public domain that the Prime Minister’s chief of staff is completely corrupt. Yesterday we found out that he’s possibly complicit in a murder and that for sure he helped to cover it up, and yet the Prime Minister is still protecting him.

“They’re in there probably discussing how they’re going to work things out, either to give Keith Schembri his job back or to make sure he goes to a country where he cannot be extradited to Malta. It’s completely outrageous.”

He also warned that there’s a complete information blackout and that police aren’t keeping the late journalist’s family updated about developments in the case.

“It’s completely absurd. The police release a Facebook sentence with one sentence saying they investigated Keith Schembri, found no evidence and released him. And they want us to believe that shit…”

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