WATCH: Scuffle Breaks Out During Emotional Valletta Protest Following Government Resignations

A scuffle broke out between a police officer and a man outside Parliament in Valletta as ministers were booed exiting the building following bombshell revelations and a number of resignations.

In a video which is being circulated online, a man leans over the barricade set up to allow vehicles to pass and lunges at a police officer before the officer reacts angrily.

The incident comes after a previous scuffle when the police officer’s hat is tipped off by a protestor and a woman was reportedly put into a headlock. Protestors and officers then begin pushing against each other on the barricades until the above officer pushes forward roughly before being hit himself.

Other officers and a second man intervene to stop the incident from escalating further.

In a separate video taken by Lovin Malta, a police officer can be seen getting up from the floor as protestors step back.

It is being reported that the officer slipped and fell over, and when he stands up he can be seen clutching his arm. Moments after the officer gets up and walks away, another part of the barricades is filmed getting pushed over by a part of the crowd.

More MPs exit Parliament as the fourth Valletta protest wages on

Posted by Lovin Malta on Tuesday, November 26, 2019

(after the 3:36 minute mark in the video)

watch scuffle breaks out during emotional valletta protest following government resignations - WATCH: Scuffle Breaks Out During Emotional Valletta Protest Following Government Resignations

The demonstration come after Keith Schembri and Konrad Mizzi resigned after years of calls for their removal.

Tonight’s protest was the fourth since last week’s revelations that top Maltese businessman Yorgen Fenech and high-ranking politicians were involved in the car-bomb assassination of journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia.

In the first protest last week, a segment of the crowd surrounded Justice Minister Owen Bonnici’s car in an incident where two police officers were hurt. Though the second and third protests were more restrained, today’s historic events have left many Maltese shaken to their core, with the emotion clearly spilling over.

What do you think of the revelations?

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