WATCH: This Satanist’s Chill Response To Mark Laurence’s Question About Sexual Rituals Is Not What You’d Expect 

“Do Satanists carry out sexual acts with virgin women at their rituals?”

This and other burning questions Mark Laurence Zammit had about Satanism were recently put to the test in a pretty unusual TV interview.

Seated in front of a black mass altar, with a large pentagram dominating the cameras, the Erbgħa Fost il-Ġimgħa presenter went about asking an anonymous satanist everything he wanted to know about his religion. 

“Do you sacrifice foetuses, babies and animals?” Mark Laurence asked.

“No, that’s just something the Church and media say,” the satanist responded. “In fact, two of our rules are that we shouldn’t harm children and that we shouldn’t kill animals unless we’re attacked or for food.”

In fact, the satanist went on to say, he actually adopted a cat from a shelter and will only offer her body to Satan if she dies a natural death.

“What about that skull on the altar?” Mark Laurence inquired. “Did you pick it out of a tomb?”

“No, its actually a fake skull which we bought online,” the satanist pointed out. “Some people use real ones, but not us.”

And what about the virgin question then? Do Satanists scour society for virgins and drag them to the altar for sexual acts?

To this, the Satanist laughed and remarked: “Try and find a virgin nowadays.”

Not a real skull

Not a real skull

So what did Mark Laurence find out about this mysterious satanist, whose rituals and black masses have been uploaded to a YouTube channel?

He conducts rituals in a private setting, just him and his wife, although sometimes they rope in a woman to lie down naked on the altar. Nothing is ever done by force though. 

They have sex in the church sometimes because “the bond between man and woman would be extremely strong” during the ritual.

The satanist said the core of the religion is that people are their own god and have their own free will.

“I think it makes sense. For example, if you get promoted, it’s because of your own skill and dedication and not because of God,” he said. “I always had doubts about the Church and its message that people will end up in Hell unless they follow it.”

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He also said many Maltese people have expressed interest to him in becoming Satanists, but are often put off by the amount of work, reading and writing the religion entails. 

“Many Maltese tell me they want to become Satanists, many more than you would imagine. Many people just want sex, money or power – it doesn’t work like that though.” 

What do you make of this interview with a Maltese Satanist?

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, WATCH: This Satanist’s Chill Response To Mark Laurence’s Question About Sexual Rituals Is Not What You’d Expect 
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