Most of us mortal beings can barely keep up with the rapidly changing viral trends, morphing memes and global challenges, but one Maltese TikToker is managing to do more than just that.

Young Riyana is a force to be reckoned with as far as local content creators go. Comfortably sitting on over 43,000 followers and upwards of a million likes, she’s been uploading popular content left, right and centre. But a video she uploaded this week has gotten people talking… and over 40,000 watching.

Kicking off with what looks like another version of the popular Time Warp Scan TikTok – a new effect where a line moves across the screen, filming a new clip and warping the screen wherever it touches – Riyana’s clip quickly takes on a life of its own when you realise the line is actually a real piece of string.

And while no warping happens in the short TikTok, something even better does, with Riyana tying up a knot in string with just her tongue (and a quick tug with her teeth) in the short seconds that follow.

“I think this was on point,” she casually and cheekily said, uploading the video.

In one of those “you either know how to do this or this is just pure magic” moments, thousands seem to have been completely transfixed by Riyana’s creativity and sheer skill.

In fact, in a separate TikTok uploaded one day later, the young woman shows a different angle to her technique, promising a better, slower close-up tutorial. “But for now, this is gold – look at my sister’s reaction,” she told her fans, quickly getting a couple more thousands of views.

In the meantime, we’ll be here in a corner, trying desperately to tie a knot with our tongues. Results may vary.

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watch wait how maltese tiktoker turns popular trend into everyones next big challenge - WATCH: Wait, How? Maltese TikToker Turns Popular Trend Into Everyone’s Next Big Challenge

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