‘We want sugar and carbs back on menu’ – nurses’ union tells hospital management

‘We want sugar and carbs back on menu’ – nurses’ union tells hospital management

we want sugar and carbs back on menu nurses union tells hospital management - 'We want sugar and carbs back on menu' - nurses’ union tells hospital management

The Malta Union of Midwives and Nurses has threatened to issue directives to all its members unless sweets, sweet beverages and carbohydrates are reintroduced for staff in Mater Dei hospital. 

The hospital had removed all “non-nutritional” and sugary drinks in an effort to encourage a change to a healthier lifestyle last year.

“MUMN would like to make it clear that Malta is not a dictatorship country where a person is obliged to eat only what the Health Promotion department deems fit,” it said.

Moreover, the starter given to staff, which was never a large portion, was also removed, it said, adding the Health Promotion Department should not “impose” a special diet on union members.

In an e-mail sent to management, the union said the change in menu was introduced without any consultation.  

A person has every right to have glucose beverages, to eat a sweet desert or pasta – irrespective of whether that person works in Mater Dei or not, it said.

Over time, the union had been “bombarded” with “highly justifiable” complaints on staff meals, it said, adding this was a “cost-cutting exercise” by the Health Promotion Department

Unless sweets, chocolates, sweet beverages and carbohydrates were made available by June 10, directives would be issued, the union warned. 

“If the management of Mater Dei Hospital and Sir Anthony Mamo Oncology Centre does not revert back to the previous menu with reasonable portions for all MUMN members, directives in all wards and departments, including operating theatres, Emergency and Accident department and ITU will be issued without any further notice,” the email warned. 

Hospital management should introduce a free gym in the hospital and oncology centre if it was worried about staff health, the union said.

It should not “restrict our food to an antagonising meal, notwithstanding that most MUMN members have to work 12-hour shifts,” it added.

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