Yorgen Fenech Was Leaked Information Of Melvin Theuma’s Wiretapped Conversations, Indications Show
, Yorgen Fenech Was Leaked Information Of Melvin Theuma’s Wiretapped Conversations, Indications Show

Yorgen Fenech, the main suspect behind the Daphne Caruana Galizia assassination, was leaked sensitive information on wiretapped conversations of Melvin Theuma taken by Malta’s Security Services, court sittings have indicated. 

Theuma has revealed that just two days after a phone conversation with his partner about his fears that Fenech was attempting to poison him, Fenech approached him with that exact information. 

“I never told anyone except my partner about this… Yorgen told me he knew, two days later. Who told him? Was it my partner? I don’t think so,” Theuma said.

Sources have suggested that Fenech was leaked far more details on the conversations. An inquiry was opened at the start of 2020 to get to the bottom of leaks on the case.

Court sittings have previously revealed that Fenech was kept in the loop over crucial information on the case. Recorded conversations between the pair have revealed that they both were aware their phones had been wiretapped by Security Services. 

In fact, Fenech was allegedly the one who told Theuma to use encrypted services like WhatsApp and Signal to communicate. 

Theuma’s testimonies have revealed that other details of the case were leaked. This includes the imminent arrests of the three men who have now been charged with carrying out the murder, Vince Muscat’s presidential pardon, and that Chris Cardona’s number was discovered on the phone of one of Caruana Galizia’s killers.

Theuma has said that Fenech said the information came directly from disgraced former Prime Minister’s chief of staff Keith Schembri and then-Deputy Police Commissioner Silvio Valletta.

Valletta was the one to set up unprecedented briefings with Muscat and Schembri on the investigation. The Malta Security Service was part of those meetings. Muscat, as Prime Minister, was also the person to approve said wiretaps.

Schembri’s links to the case do not stop there. It has now been revealed that Schembri allegedly even passed on a copy of Theuma’s pardon to Fenech.

Schembri is also linked to an alleged frame-up attempt on Cardona. Doctor Adrian Vella has confirmed that he passed on documents between Schembri and Fenech while the latter was under police bail.

He has recently been released from police bail for his role in a trading in influence investigation. However, he remains under investigation for his potential role in the murder or an attempted cover-up.

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