Żebbug Band Club Condemns Chanting Of ‘F’Għoxx il-PN’ As Farrugia MPs Insist They Hadn’t Heard The Words
, Żebbug Band Club Condemns Chanting Of ‘F’Għoxx il-PN’ As Farrugia MPs Insist They Hadn’t Heard The Words

The St Philip’s Band Cub of Ħaż-Żebbuġ has condemned the chanting of ‘F’għoxx il-PN’ on its premises at last weekend’s village feast and has pledged to investigate it.

“The investigation is ongoing and we will limit ourselves to condemning this behaviour and language,” the band club said in a statement. “We assure everyone that our committee and members are angry at those who availed themselves of this occasion for their own reasons. We will take all the necessary action once we conclude our investigation.”

The band club added that it had turned off the music as soon as it realised that people were chanting those words over Gigi d’Agostino’s ‘L’amours toujours’.

“This is the first time such chants were sung and we couldn’t anticipate the risk,” it said.

Earlier today, PN secretary general Clyde Puli published a clip of Partit Demokratiku MPs Marlene and Godfrey Farrugia, the latter an honorary president of the St Philip’s Band Club, dancing as people chanted ‘F’għoxx il-PN’.

Puli accused the Farrugia couple of “dancing and chanting to the rhythm of hatred against us”.

However, the Farrugias insisted they hadn’t heard the people chanting the anti-PN song while they danced to the music.

“Those words were only heard in the vicinity of the mobile which was used to film the video and Marlene and I didn’t even hear them, let alone use them,” Godfrey Farrugia said.

Marlene Farrugia took it a step further, accusing Puli of orchestrating the entire incident to frame her and her partner in a bad light.

“There’s an internal fight going on in the PN between the dirty faction of Puli and those who seized the PN and led it to failure and the faction which wants the PN to bring normality and democracy back to Malta,” she said.

Farrugia added that she and [Godfrey] Farrugia were concerned at the visible lack of PN supporters at the band club and said that their next port of call after St Philip’s was precisely to the PN każin to cheer up their supporters.

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